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What length are the couplings?

Universal Couplings
MA5000: 35mm
With Inserts: 45mm
Heavy Duty Couplings: 55mm
Graupner Couplings
Flexible: 65mm
Solid: 18mm
Cap Maquettes: 40mm
Raboesch Universal Couplings
Universal Joint: 33mm
With Inserts: 43mm

How are propellers measured?

The number of blades on the propeller dictstes how they are measured to a degree.
Even number of blades
Measured from the outside point of opposing blades
Odd number of blades
Measure from the outer point of one blade to the centre of the propeller and multiply by 2

How do I work out the scale of my model?

There is a rough formula that you can use for this:
Original Length (feet) x 12 =inches
Divide the inches by the model length (inches)
= a scale of 1:...
For example:
Original Ship length 46 feet x12 = 552 inches
Model Length 32 inches
552 divided by 32= 17.25
= scale of 1:17
Please Note
Almost all, of our fittings are measured in millimeters, and can only roughly be translated to any scale. You need to work out what size is closest to your model scale before ordering.