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Model Boat Kits, Model Boat Fittings & Model Boat Accessories

Cornwall Model Boats are the UK's Premier specialist online model boat supplier and importer, we have more than 2000 model boat and ship kits in stock at any one time. With over 23000 lines of stock we probably have the largest range of model boat fittings, spares, tools, building materials and accessories available for the ship modeller in the UK. We back up our sales service with specialist support and help, being model boat builders and enthusiasts ourselves.
CMB specialise in the following ranges of model boat and ship kits: Amati, Artesania Latina, Billing Boats, Caldercraft, CAP Maquettes, Corel, Dumas, Mamoli, Mantua Models, Model Shipways, Occre, Panart, Sergal and Victory Models.

We use major international couriers such as DHL and UPS to deliver our products with shipping costs that match those of smaller carriers.
All goods supplied to Countries outside of the UK also benefit from being tax free

Occre Endurance 12008

In the race to conquer the South Pole, three names loomed large: Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen.

The Endurance was launched on 17 December 1912 under the name “Polaris”. Originally rigged as a frigate, she was converted into a three-masted barquentine and in 1914 joined the famous Trans-Antarctic Imperial Expedition to cross Antarctica under Sir Ernest Shackleton’s command.

After the Expedition was shipwrecked on 19 August 1915, the Endurance was trapped in the ice of the Weddell Sea. For 522 days the explorers braved winds up to 300 km/h and temperatures of 40 degrees below zero.

Shackleton and a few hand-picked men took a small boat, the James Caird, and made one of the most memorable and heroic journeys in sailing history. Together with all their crew, they accomplished the most important feat of all...surviving.

The expedition is remembered as an epic story of endurance, heroism and survival.

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Amati Fifie Scottish Fishing Vessel

The fifie is a type of fishing vessel developed on the east coast of Scotland. The kit has been designed specifically for any type of model maker, and as such it is a perfect kit for those who want and expect a little more. All fittings, masts and rig have been researched using contemporary sources and the most up to date reference material available to make the kit as accurate and as detailed as possible.

Scale: 1:32.
Length: 700mm.
Width: 470mm.
Height: 230mm.

OcCre Model Ships

As the Main UK Importer of Occre kits since 2010 we have the full range of model ship kits in stock.
OcCre is quality modelling.
At OcCre we design each of our models with the same illusion that you have when assembling and making up the model. We take care of every last detail, so that our kit models can offer a design that is true to life. We manufacture using quality materials and ensure that every cut is made with precision. This makes the results of the assembly perfect. We use a range of different materials to make sure our models are more realistic. We guarantee that our model kits you will enjoy your enthusiasm for naval modelling, railway modelling, the modelling of trams and the modelling of vintage vehicles.

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Happy Hunter

Krick has now re-released the Happy Hunter under it's Ro-Marin Range
The Happy Hunter is a scale reproduction of a Dutch ocean-going salvage tug to a scale of 1 : 50.

The boat is built to be powered by a direct-drive, i.e. non-geared system, in the form of two high-torque 700 electric motors. Fixed Kort nozzles increase thrust, and the boat is capable of carrying out extremely arduous towing tasks and complex manoeuvres in conjunction with the bow thruster, which is an optional accessory. The capacious plastic hull allows the modeller to install numerous auxiliary working systems, and experienced builders will enjoy fitting out the Happy Hunter with a working lighting system, radar, anchor winch, sound system and towing mechanism. It is even possible to install a fully working crane; the crane itself is included in the kit.

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Tamiya - New Lacquer Paints, AS & TS Sprays

Cornwall Model Boats are pleased to announce we now stock the entire range of Tamiya paints.

These are premium model paints with great coverage and deep colour, making them ideal for spraying all your models.

The range comprises:
Mini Acrylics and Lacquer paints
TS & AS Spray Paints
Polycarbonate paints

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Aeronaut Pilot Boat 1:25

Boats of this general type are widely encountered along the Baltic and North Sea coasts. These vessels are very agile and fast, typically capable of 25 - 30 kn. Their task is to provide reliable, all-weather transport for pilots to the large ocean-going ships. The space aft of the command stand can accommodate several pilots, so that a single excursion can take all of them out to their “workplaces”. Our model very effectively incorporates the typical characteristics and handling of these boats.

The model is based on a modern planing hull, and is therefore very fast and agile. The hard-chine hull is of plastic construction. All the ABS parts are supplied laser-cut, and can be slotted together and glued immediately. The hull is assembled on a Depron jig. The power system consists of two electric motors which can either be controlled individually (2 x Multi 25 speed controller) or in common by a single Multi 40 controller. Two rudder systems are used for directional control.

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OcCre Trams, Locomotives & Carriages

As the Main UK Importer of Occre kits since 2010 we have introduced the specialist kits they manufacture.
These kits are based on models of Trams, Locomotives and carriages and they compliment our existing range of Ship models.
These models are suited for those who are looking for something different to build, the quality of the models are superb, and they use a combination of wood and metal parts to construct them..

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Mantua "Le Piccole" Starter Kits

Mantua Model introduces a new type of simplified model boat kit. The"Le Piccole" Series teaches you the basics of hull construction, planking and rigging. Each of the model kits contain a laser cut keel, frames and other wooden parts, rigging line, pictorial assembly instructions and a display cradle.

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